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The Millionaire Maker Game & VIP Fast Track Bundle

Get the hottest educational board game designed to expand you and your families knowledge and experience building financial freedom.

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A Note From Loral...

I believe in relationships based on trust.

When we work together, I’ll walk into our relationship thoroughly, maintain strong ties with you, even make hard decisions were necessary to support you. 

I’ll seek to understand your needs and communicate with you fully and quickly.

I’ll give you what’s required, when required, ask a lot of questions about what you need, and offer real solutions, so that you can feel confident about yourself and your process and get the results you want and deserve.

I’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

What's Inside The Millionaire Maker Game Bundle?

Get the complete game plus instructional videos as a bonus to get you and your family into learning wealth building while having fun!

The Game - This game delivers an interactive experience where players are cast into the life of an entrepreneur where big deals are made daily.

Financial Worksheets - Learn financial tracking, modeling, P&L's, investment accounts, holdings and more.

The Millionaire Maker Game Guide - Interactive video training to get the most out of playing and teaching the game.

Get your copy of the game as well as expert training videos on hosting and teaching game parties to your friends and family at 68% off the retail price.

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This Game Has Changed Thousands Of Lives!
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"A highly educational conversation about the next level of money management - wealth creation. A conversation everyone will want to be in"

Sue t.

"I am learning so much about making money. It has given me a new outlook on my future. Thank you Loral!"

Charlene h.

"Lots of great information and yes energy! Many investment opportunities presented!"

Wanda f.

"Loral's teaching is timeless. It's lessons that can be applied over a lifetime. The wealth conversations for making more money, keeping more money and investing more money, if applied, improves and changes lives exponentially."

Janine h.

Start playing your way to financial literacy and generational wealth building today

The Millionaire Maker Game plus expert instructional videos to ensure you and your family, and friends fast track your financial journey's quickly.

The Millionaire Maker Game- Including all pieces, profiles and cards
The Millionaire Maker Game Financial Trackers
Expert instructional video course

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